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Antraštė: An Analysis of Professional Perceptions of Criteria Contributing to Sustainable Housing Affordability
Autoriai: Maliene, Vida
Mulliner, Emma
Raktiniai žodžiai: housing affordability
professional opinion
quantitative analysis
Leidimo data: 7-Sau-2015
Serija/Nr. : Sustainability 2015, 7;
Santrauka: Abstract: Housing affordability is a multi-dimensional issue, yet it is typically defined and assessed quite narrowly in terms of financial criteria. The housing affordability problem encompasses more than financial costs of housing and extends to larger issues of social wellbeing and sustainability. Accordingly, a broader range of factors ought to be considered when defining and assessing affordability, particularly if more sustainable outcomes are desired from housing. A comprehensive system of criteria representing sustainable housing affordability, developed by the authors, is validated and analysed in this paper. The quantitative data analysis of surveys conducted with housing and planning professionals across the UK is used to determine stakeholder’s perceptions on the criteria contributing to sustainable housing affordability and to rank these criteria according to their importance. The paper establishes that professional opinions on this issue differ insignificantly across different regions of the UK, while it varies to some extent depending on the sector of housing industry.
URI: http://dspace.lzuu.lt/handle/1/3381
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