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Sugrupuoti: Rezultatai puslapyje
Rezultatų rodymas nuo 230 iki 249 iš 1476
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Cadastral area, abandoned land, database
Cadastral surveying; preliminary measurements; land reform
cadastral; measurements; data; analysis
calla lily; callus formation; growth regulators; explants; in vitro.
Cantilever truss, effort, stilt
capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), spatial displacements of the mating-places, Labanoras Forest.
capercaillie; natural enemies; population numbers; artifitial nests; supplementary feeding sites
capital structure; economic value added; cost of equity; cost of debt; weighted average cost of capital
chemoterapija; genetinis stabilumas; mikroūgliai; ribavirinas
chemotherapy; genetic stability; microshoots; ribavirin
cichory, chicons, forcing, root diameters, the chemical composition
citokininas; auksinas; kaliaus indukcija; eksplantas
climаte chаnge; environmentаl pollution; productivity of Norwаy spruce forests; steаms increment; effect of climаtic fаctors;
Coarse dead woodl; scot pine stands; down woody material; accumulation; žvinčiai strict nature reserve.
coarse woody debris (CWD), decay class, standing dead tree
common ocier, soil type, economic analysis
community-based organizations, rural local action groups, LEADER approach, project continuity
competence, qualification, knowledge-based society
competitive strategy, strategy development, strategic management
Rezultatų rodymas nuo 230 iki 249 iš 1476
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