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Sugrupuoti: Rezultatai puslapyje
Rezultatų rodymas nuo 13 iki 32 iš 1476
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a retaining wall, technical condition, a joint
abandoned land, satelite images, classification of imageries
abandoned land; land for agricultural purpose; multi-critical analysis.
abrisas; žemės; reforma; kadastro; byla
abriss; land; reform; cadastral; survey
acceleration mode; heavy weight transport; low frequency noise
accidents at work, risk factor, forestry work, collective and personal safety instruments.
accumulation, spatial dataset (SDS), erosion
Actinidia kolomicta; augimo stimuliatoriai; sumedėję auginiai; žalieji auginiai; rizogenezė
Actinidia kolomicta; growth regulators; woody cuttings; green cuttings; rhyzogenesis
actinidia kolomikta, controlled atmosphere, quality parameters
Afforestation; GIS; forest expansion
agrarian strain; quality of water; BDS7; river Sasna
Agrarinė apkrova; vandens kokybė; BDS7; Sasnos upė
agricultural co-operative; holding of the farmer; company's performance; strategic decisions; strategic decisions for performance improvement
agricultural land; cadastral measurements; land holding projects; measuring instruments
agricultural risk factor; assessment; risk rate
agriculture, employment, counties, changes in employment.
Rezultatų rodymas nuo 13 iki 32 iš 1476
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